Top Excuses to leave office early

Have you ever been so pissed off with your work and want to leave the office early? Every employees dream is to get permissions whenever they ask but it’s not going to happen. Our bosses really drain our energy and want us to work longer than leaving early. Here are the top excuses to leave office early with getting negative impression on you.


Top and the best excuse to leave office early, no one can stop you if you are sick. Even your boss want you to leave, because he don’t you to effect the office environment. Whenever you want leave use this excuse.

In the Name of God

If your family members arrange a regional ceremony and you attendance is really important no one is going to interrogate you. Use this as an excuse and leave the office early, because god is calling you to come home.

Guest are Arriving

Guest is coming to home. OMG!! I want to hide myself when guests are at my home, but please don’t freak out it’s only a (fake) excuse. Ask your boss for permission to arrive home early because you are going to receive your guests.

Personal Issue

Shh! It’s personal. Personal issue is wonderful because its personal. Your boss is not going to inquisitive to tell your personal and family related issues. Sir I want leave early, don’t ask the reason because its personal.

Doctors call

Tell you have an appointment with doctor and want to leave office early. Your boss doesn’t want you to miss the doctor’s appointment because he wants his employees to be more health to work effectively.

Bank Work

There is a problem with my bank account, my presence is really important there please accept my permission. Is there anyone who didn’t accept this excuse? Tell your boss you have to leave office early so that you can go and mange your bank account.

Because I want to leave

You are working day in and day out in office in that case leaving early is not unreasonable thing. As an employee you have basic right to take break. You have personal life other than office and you have every right to enjoy it.

These are excuses that help you in leaving office early. But remember one thing, it’s only depends on how good a liar are you.

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