Ramadan Gift Ideas for Neighbors| Best Ramzan Gifts for Friends and Family

Ramzan is around the corner and all are looking for the Ramadan gift ideas for friends, Ramdan gifts for neighbors, Ramzan gifts for Family, Ramadan Gifts for Husband, Ramzan gifts for wife, Ramadan gifts for girlfriend and Ramadan gifts for non Muslims. Here the list of best gift ideas for Ramdan for you to share with your friends and family.

Ramadan Gift Ideas

Muslims around the world anticipate the arrival of the Holiest month of the year. Ramzan comes in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims from all countries unites to offer their prayers and fasting to the god. The annual fast in the Ramzan in one of the five pillars of Islam. People observe fast each day of the holy month from sunrise to sunset. After the completion of the fast they enjoy their meals with their family and friends. And some people engage in the prayers, community meals and spiritual reflections. Muslims read Quran in this month.

Doing fasting in the month of Ramzan gives more benefits for both spiritual and physical. While doing the fast people gain more advantage from the experience. At the end of the month, people celebrate a three day holiday known as “Eid-al-Fitr”.

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Ramdan gifts for Neighbors

People used to give charity in those days and feed the hunger. Muslims celebrate the last three days of the month with their family and friends. During the last days of the Ramzan every Muslim family give donation to the poor. The donation is in the form of Food, barley, rice, dates, etc. This donation is called sadaah-al-fitr.

The entire three days is an official holiday for government and schools. not only Muslims people from various religions enjoy this festivals, their Muslim friends invite them to their house for feast. Each Muslim family celebrate Ramzan with their neighbours by giving their special dishes to their neighbours.

Ramzan Gift Ideas

Ramadan Calendar Print:

If you are in dilemma to buy Ramadan gift for neighbour (Muslim) it’s better to present a Ramadan Calendar print. They can remember you every time they see the calendar. Ramadan month is coming so it is easy for them to follow the fasting by seeing the dates. Giving Ramadan Calendar is a unique and lovely gift for friends and family.

Islamic Book:

Giving Islamic book on this Ramzan is really special and lovely gift for your family and elders. Choose an Islamic book and gift it to your beloved. And choose the version they prefer. Islamic books are available in different languages like Islamic book in English, Urdu, Hindi, etc., Don’t wait just go to buy the book before someone gifts your beloved the same gift you want to give.

Ramadan Candle:

As every night in Ramadan is a festival night, so candles plays a very special role. Giving candles as a gift to your Muslim neighbour is a cute idea. So, go and buy Ramzan candles and present them on the Ramadan night. I’m they will use your gift in a proper way.

Eid Cookies:

It’s time to taste some sweet on this Ramadan. Eid cookies are the best gift for neighbour. Invite your beloved neighbour and let them taste your sweet cookies on this holiest month of the year. The taste of your cookies will not fade away until the Ramzan month ends. You can choose either cookies or Dates to present your neighbour. It’s better to make cookies by yourself with love.

Presenting Eid Cookies is the best gift for Boyfriend. Let your taste your sweetest cookie on this Ramzan. They can definitely feel your love through cookies.

Eid Mubarak Greeting Card:

Greeting cards have a special place in every occasion, like birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, celebrations or everything. Even it is sad moment greeting card brings smile in the person you give, especially the message you write on the greeting card. On this Ramzan present a Eid Mubarak Greeting Card to your friends and family. It is the best Ramadan gift for husband and Ramadan gift for Wife. Make sure the message you write should reach the person.

Islamic Ornaments:

If you are inviting a person or going to someone’s house on this Ramzan Month, don’t go with empty hand and don’t leave your guests with empty hand. Present the Islamic ornaments on this Ramadan. This gift is preferable to your Muslim friends, Muslim Boss, Father and Mother.


If there is no boundaries to your budget to gift your beloved, then try to give a Jewellery to your loved ones. This is the best Ramzan gift for Girlfriend, Ramadan gift for Mother, Ramadan gift for Sister. Your gift will bring smile on their faces. Buy a affordable jewellery on your budget.


If you are looking for best Ramadan gift for Girlfriend and Ramadan gift for sister and Ramzan gift for Mother and your friends, this perfume is the one of the best gifts you can give it them. Just go a buy a perfume of their liking and present them on this Ramzan.

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