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Hi viewers!!! Happy Ramadan to all..Ramadan, the Major fast of the Islamic year which falls in the ninth lunar month. The Ramadan date and time varies from different countries, to know the Ramadan timing calendar check it out in this website. Muslims believed that in this month, the muslim’s sacred book Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad which is nearly 1400 years ago.

The fasting is the holiest month that brings the people closer to the mighty god and remove their sins. Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and the other four are daily prayer, faith, charity and performing their holy trip to Mecca.

On this auspicious day, in this site we are giving Ramadan GIF Animation, Ramadan GIF Pictures for facebook, Ramadan Animation Images for whatsapp, Ramadan Animation Pictures along with the Ramzan GIF Images for friends and family, Ramadan Glitter Graphics, Ramadan Mubarak GIF Images. Share these beautiful Ramadan Glitter Graphics in your friends circle and celebrate the Ramadan with great enjoyment and happiness. Take a look at Ramadan Glitter Images and Ramadan Glitter Cards on this page. Hope you like our collection on Ramadan GIF Animation.

Muslims has the tradition to do the fast in the Ramadan month. The fasting lasts for more than 11 hours. They only take food before sunrise after the sunset. The food that takes before sunrise is called Sehri and the food after the sunset is called Iftar. Some people are exempted to this fasting, they are people who are mentally and physically ill, menstruating women, pregnant or breast-feeding are also abstained from fasting. In their food they avoid oily food because they contains rich in fat and also Muslims suggested to take food which is rick in carbohydrates because they provide more energy to their body.

Ramadan GIF Images

Eid-al-Fitr is the festival of breaking the fast. It is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims around the world which marks as the end of Ramadan. After doing the fast of 29 to 30 days from dawn to dusk, the day Eid falls on the first day of the month of Shawwal. According to the Muslims belief that they are commanded by GOD to continue their fast until the last of Ramadan and pay the Zakat and Fitra before offering the Eid prayers.

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Ramadan Animation Images

Ramadan Animation Pictures

Ramzan GIF Images

Ramadan Mubarak GIF Images

Ramadan Glitter Graphics

Ramzan gif animation

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