People You Meet At Every Indian Party

Parties are frequently happen in India. Even if it a birthday or break up, party is the first thing in our mind to celebrate with our friends. In India the music in parties reaches a deafening crescendo. From uncles to labs and from aunties to girls, everyone enjoy the parties. But the most annoying thing is we meet some people in every Indian party which changes our mood in party. Here are the list of people, and check whether you are having these people in your party.

 The Over Enthusiasts

Over Enthusiasts

By seeing these people even we got confused who is hosting the party. They bring everyone on the dance floor and dance until the end of the party. Even drag us to dance on the dance floor. It’s good to have them around the party but not always.


people in parties


Be aware of these people. These people ask us every question we annoy like how much percentage you got. What next after graduation? When are you getting married? Guys we just invite them for party not for questioning us. They not even bring presents to the party but they want every information about us.

Show off people

Show off people in party

Some people only attend the party to show off they jewelry and wealth. They unnecessary mention their sons and daughter about their staying in America and ask parents when your son/daughter will go to America. This show off people really dangerous when our parents take their words seriously and force us to do things like their neighbors sons do.

Jewerly ad

people in house party

We can’t open our eyes while seeing the sparks of their jewelry. I sometimes wonder is I’m in some jewelry ad. Aunties never miss any opportunity to show off their new brand jewelry in party.



Party is the perfect place for matchmaking. They want to introduce their daughters and sons to people to find better match to them. And some even talk about the marriage in parties. Sometimes keeping asking myself when my party turns into a matrimony platform.

Gossiping People

Gossiping People

People start gossiping in the party and keeping talking about someone’s life. They never stop gossiping until the party ends. People who never talk before became friends in the party with this gossiping. They even gossip about my own family and me when they in my own party.


lovers in party

We always encounter love birds in the party. They keep on blushing on the party while seeing their love and keep trying to find some space to talk with each other. They keep saying we attend the party for you even we have tight schedule but the reason is they come to see their crush.

Selfie Group

selfie group

This selfie group clicking selfies with the members in the party and uploads their photos in the social media. It’s like they need proof of visiting a party.



The only reason to attend the party for freeloader is to eat. They keep on eating until the end of the party and give comments on the food. They not even give their wishes to the party members. They came to party just to eat for free.

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