Importance of Ramadan in Islam & why is it easier to do good during Ramadan

Importance of ramadan in islam & why is it easier to do good during Ramadan: In this article you get valuable information about what are 3 reasons ramadan is important, purpose of fasting during Ramadan essay in English Telugu Arabic Urdu Hindi etc. Read complete article to known fasting and its significance of Ramadan Mubarak or eid Mubarak or eid ul fitr, Ramzan 2017.

Importance of Ramadan in Islam

We have entered the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, whose observance by Islamic prescription affects a quarter of the world population, a month “blessed”, for a religious celebration that brings together this large contingent of people, for a religious celebration, which Is the highest exponent of the devout concept of a believing and devout Muslim. Here we shared an article about Importance of ramadan in islam. Ramadan is the second most important holiday in the world after Christmas. This evaluation is considered in terms of the total volume of the population that practice it, since naturally each one is the first in relation to its faithful followers.

The arrival of the month of Ramadan brings with it one of the most important and special events, both real and symbolic, for a Muslim Lailat ul-Qader , the night of the Decree. It is the night on which Muhammad received the first revelation of the Holy Quran, and thus began his mission as Prophet and Messenger of Allah. On its own, this fact is a cause of great rejoicing for Muslims.

Importance of Fasting

General fasting is obligatory during this month, with the variety of kaffara fasting, which is how we could define in Christian terms the payment for a penance for having committed some breach, and the fast of the nadr or the promises that one makes to Himself before God.

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According to a hadeeth, which is all narration or narrative, referred directly or indirectly to the prophet of Islam, Muhammad among other things proclaims for this celebration:

 Do not verbally or physically assault others

– The fasting should be lenient in case of being insulted or attacked by someone, should avoid all obscenities

– Be generous: the Muslim always has to be generous, but it is more in the month of Ramadan.

To increase the reading of the Holy Quran: during the month of Ramadan, when the Quran was revealed, it should be recited more frequently than in the other months.

– Increase the practices: especially in the last ten days of the month of Ramadan, as did the Prophet. In addition, he said: “Fasting and the Holy Qur’an will intercede on behalf of the servant on the Day of Resurrection.”

The goal of fasting is to teach Muslims patience and humility, as well as reminding them how fortunate they are and emphasizing aid to the needy and those with less luck.

The Prophet said in this regard, according to accounts of his companions and compilations by those sages who succeeded him that “Ramadan is a month that in its beginning is mercy, its means is forgiveness and its purpose is to rid of hell”.

It is to be wished for all, that during this celebration not only observe the fasting with the celebrations and associated rituals, but also respect the precepts transmitted by the Prophet and that were revealed to him in the “Night of the Decree”.

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